Vancouver headshot photographer

Lucho Berzek is an Argentinian full-time professional photographer based in Vancouver BC, holding a bachelor degree in Visuals Arts and Photography, Lucho’s only activity, hobby, passion and craft is Photography.

Vancouver headshot photographer

Vancouver headshot photographer

Established in Canada in 2009,  he doesn’t play any instrument, sails any boat, goes to any dance on the weekends, follows any sports team, etc. He basically only and only exists for work.
If he’s not shooting or editing, he’ll spend his time watching videos, reading magazines, blogs about photography or experimenting lighting set ups at his studio.

His fashion work has been published in Canada, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Argentina and the US.

His studio is located in Mount Pleasant between Main st. and Quebec st, in Vancouver BC, Canada

Lucho is:

One of the principal Photographers for Maijah Lewk Talent Agency.

the Lead Photographer for Vancouver Men’s Fashion Week.

Lucho Berzek photographer Vancouver BC

Vancouver Photographer

the Lead Photographer at Farawayland Weddings

the Official Event photographer for Lab Art Show.

freelance sports photographer for MarathonPhoto, Gameface Media and FinisherPix.

former in-house Photographer for the Beaumont Studios

former Official Event photographer for RAW Vancouver

He has done few video projects as well, You can check them out here 



His main cameras are the Nikon D800, the Nikon D610 and the D300s. The D800, in particular, has unbelievable image quality. Click on the images below for more information on each camera.

d800 Nikon D610 Nikon D300s



Coming to lenses, he uses Nikkor glass for its phenomenal clarity and image quality. The standard kit that goes with on every assignment includes the 24-70mm, 70-200mm and 50mm lenses.

Studio strobes and modifiers.

Strobes (studio lights) are critical for work. The brand chose is Hensel a professional German-made studio light. In terms of modifiers, he uses RFi Profoto Softboxes. and a variety of reflectors, backdrops, props and lots of magic tricks.

We have the necessary gear to do an outdoor session as well.